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It is a big mistake to believe that renting apartments in France on the Cote d'Azur is a luxury that few of our compatriots can afford.
You can not take expensive rent Cottage Provence . Here you will find the best deals on real estate rentals in Provence.
In fact, apartment rentals in France are currently quite affordable even for middle-income families: on our website, you can easily find affordable housing in different resort cities in France: for example, renting a studio for four people in Carkeran can cost about 1000€ per week, and duplex apartments in Antibes-a little more than 1100€, and even in Cannes - in a popular expensive resort! - there is a real opportunity to rent a Provencal house with two bedrooms for 1400€. You can cooperate with friends and rent a villa or apartment for several couples. In any case, a separate accommodation will cost you no more than a hotel room, and the advantages of such a holiday are much greater.

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